How does it Feel?

All needles used during treatment are disposable. They are very fine and completely sterile. None are ever re-used. The needles are gently inserted into specific points on the body, where they may be left for some time – average is about 20 minutes – or even just a short ‘in’ ‘out’ application. How the treatment is given is specific to your own needs.

So how does it feel? Well, the needles will cause a definite sensation – and this can vary from person to person. A dull ache,fullness or a tingle are the most common responses, but the experience is not generally ‘painful’.

Clients are often surprised that needles are inserted at locations quite remote from the original complaint – so for example, to treat a headache may mean we work on your feet!

After treatment there are various responses that can be felt. Feeling tired, energised or just ‘different’ as the treatment does its work are some common examples.